Certificate Course Map

Core Courses: 9 Credit Hours

  • Introduction to Health Informatics HCIP 6380
  • Decision Analysis in Health Care HCIP 6108
  • Health Care Data Analysis HCIP 6102

Foundation Courses: 6 Credit Hours- Choose one 6 credit hour track

     Foundations in Health Track

  • Health Vocabularies and Classification Systems HCIP 5370
  • Introduction to US Health Care System HCIP 6100

     Foundations in Informatics Track

  • Computer Vocabularies & Programming Systems HCIP 5375
  • Computer Security, Privacy and Legal Issues HCIP 6201
  • Introduction to Programming for Health Informatics HCIP 5376

Students with an adequate informatics background will take the "Foundations in Health" course sequence.
Similarly, students with an adequate healthcare background will take the "Foundations in Informatics" course sequence

Transfer credits cannot be applied to this certificate program.