Health Informatics @ UNC Charlotte

Perspectives on Health Informatics at UNC Charlotte

Students, Faculty and industry leaders answer the questions like: What is health informatics? How will it transform healthcare for the better?  What makes UNC Charlotte a preferred destination for those hoping to transition into this exciting career field? How is UNC Charlotte's innovative program positioned the meet the needs of this rapidly changing field. Who is a typical UNC Charlotte Health Informatics Student. Follow the links below to learn more about Health Informatics at UNC Charlotte.

HIAN Student Profile


Master’s Graduate Mario Barbé, MD, Brings Critical Health Informatics Capabilities to Clinica Alemana in Chile

Mario Barbé, MD, completed his master’s degree in Health Informatics in Summer 2018. His employer, Clínica Alemana, sponsored his study at UNC Charlotte. Mario returns to his work with the necessary skills needed to advance the health informatics efforts at Clínica Alemana, one of the premier hospitals in Chile. Mario is committed to developing data science methodologies to transform healthcare.

Graduate Candidate Receives Prestigious Public Health Informatics Fellowship 

Physician and UNC Charlotte graduate candidate Saugat Karki was selected recently for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC)            prestigious Public Health Informatics Fellowship Program (PHIFP). This two-year training program is for doctoral- or master’s-level professionals,    applying computer science and information technology to solve complex health problems.

Dual MPH, MS Alumnus Earns Elite Aids Relief Fellowship 

Joseph Konstanzer, a graduate of UNC Charlotte’s dual master’s program in public health and health informatics, has been named a public health fellow at Public Health Institute (PHI)/Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), working out of the Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator and Health Diplomacy. The office is responsible for implementing the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), the world’s largest public health program designed to combat a single disease.

Inside UNC Charlotte: July 2013 Program on Health InformaticsInside UNC Charlotte: July 2013 Program on Health Informatics
Health Informatics is about harnessing the potential of "Big Data" and data analytics to transform healthcare in real time. UNC Charlotte, in collaboration, with leaders in the health and technology field, have implemented an interdisciplinary program to meet the critical need for trained professionals who can speak both the language of technology and healthcare. This segment is part of UNC Charlotte's weekly broadcast and was originally aired July 2, 2013.

Andy C. - Health Informatics Graduate CertificateAndy C. - Health Informatics Graduate Certificate

Andy completed the Graduate Certificate in 2013.  He is a Nurse Practitioner, a reservist and currently works in the Health IT field in Charlotte. Andy discusses his career direction after UNC Charlotte.


Dr. Bill Saunders - Health Informatics FacultyDr. Bill Saunders - Former Health Informatics and Analytics Faculty

Past faculty, Program Director Dr. Saunders came to UNC Charlotte with extensive research and industry experience. His research interests include delivery of health care to patients with mental illnesses, diabetes, and cystic fibrosis. Dr. Saunders left UNC Charlotte to work with IBM/Watson Health full time. Dr. Saunders talks about studying at UNC Charlotte. 


John T. - Health Informatics Professional Science Master's Degree GraduateJohn T. - Health Informatics Professional Science Master's Degree Candidate

John came to the Health Informatics program after successful careers in the both the Air Force and in the financial industry.  John talks about the new challenges and opportunities for innovation that drew him to the field and to UNC Charlotte. 


Kimberly Kimberly H.: Health Informatics Professional Science Master's Degree CandidateH. - Health Informatics Professional Science Master's Degree Graduate

Prior to coming to UNC Charlotte Kimberly was an Industrial Engineer. She was a problem solver looking for a new challenge in a fast changing field.  She found the opportunity to reinvent herself in UNC Charlotte's Health Informatics program and currently works with United Healthcare.


Casey R. - Health Informatics Professional Science Master's Degree GraduateCasey R. - Health Informatics Professional Science Master's Degree Graduate

Casey Graduated from the Professional Science Master's degree in December or 2013.  Currently she works with VIdant Health. Casey talks about her professional goals with the degree. 


Julie T. - Health Informatics Professional Science Master's Degree CandidateJulie T. - Health Informatics Professional Science Master's Degree Graduate

Julie started in the Graduate Certificate program and transitioned to the Professional Science Master's degree.  Julie currently is a project manager with extensive IT experience.  The Health Informatics faculty and curriculum provided her an opportunity to explore and master this new career field.