Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees for the program are established by the UNC Board of Governors during spring of the prior academic year.

The Health Informatics and Analytics Program incurs a tuition increment (surcharge) over and above basic graduate tuition. As such, be sure to select the Health Informatics and Analytics Program specific tuition and fee table listed under the College of Health and Human Services.

Current tuition and fees for resident and non-resident students enrolled in the Health Informatics and Analytics Program can be found at this link: Current Tuition and Fees.

Estimated Cost of Attendance

Please note the Master's program typically expects completion of the internship during the summer between the first and second years. Please consider the tuition and fees associated with this course during the summer within your financial planning.

Please see the University Calculator Graduate Cost of Attendance

For additional information on tuition and fees, please visit the Student Accounts website.

North Carolina Residents

Residency determination office

The state of North Carolina has a differential tuition for residents and non-residents (both out of state and international). The Residency Determination Office is responsible for reviewing all applicants to assign the appropriate residency classification consistent with the requirements of the state law and provisions of the North Carolina State Residence Classification Manual. More information about residency determination can be found on that website.

Distance Education (DE)

While we view online as one of the modalities by which we deliver courses in our HIAN programs, the university designation of ‘Distance Education Program’ reflects a specific status that confers some advantages (largely related to the assessment of tuition and fees) to students pursuing a fully online pathway. 

At present, we offer a fully online part-time pathway to the HIAN Graduate Certificate. Thus, ‘Distance Education’ designation is available to eligible HIAN students declaring and following the fully online pathway. 

For DE tuition and fees and further information about DE program designation, visit the Distance Education website, being mindful to view our program specific fee structure (found under the College of Health and Human Services listing).