Program Resources for Students

Vocabulary training course

Students are required to complete a pre-program, self-directed online training module in basic concepts and vocabulary in health, medical nomenclature, and computer science terminology. The training course provides students a grounding in vocabulary and core concepts needed for success in our foundational courses.

This canvas-based training course is designed as a series of units within three larger modules. Each unit has an associated quiz. Students must complete all modules in order to receive the required certificate of completion. Entering students are encouraged to complete this training PRIOR to arrival in campus in August. Providing proof of its completion is a requirement early on in HCIP 6380 (Introduction to Health Informatics).

Please click here to enroll in the training course using your ninernet credentials.

Student handbook

The Health Informatics and Analytics Student Handbook is intended as a resource for HIAN students, addressing program specific information such as expectations, policies, and requirements and summarizing and/or directing students to key Graduate School and University resources and policies. 

Click here to download the HIAN Student Handbook.

CHHS good scholar tutorial

We ask that all HIAN students complete the "Good Scholar" tutorial, found under 'Student Resources' on the Public Health Sciences site.

The Good Scholar Tutorial is an interactive learning tool to help you understand the importance of correctly referencing and citing outside sources you use in your written papers so that you can demonstrate your scholarship and avoid plagiarism.

Internship manual and canvas site

Each student in the master's program is required to demonstrate integration and application of health informatics and/or analytics competence through a mid-program internship experience in a health care (broadly defined) setting. Students complete a minimum of 160 hours of practical, professional internship experience with the selected organization during the semester of enrollment in the HCIP 6400 Internship course.

Refer to the HIAN Student Internship Manual and Canvas Project site for complete instructions including writing objectives, and proper formatting of the final internship report.

The project site, entitled “Project - Health Informatics and Analytics Internship” can be found under ‘Courses’ in Canvas.


We expect students entering the HIAN program to be proficient in Microsoft Office applications, especially MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint. Faculty will not alter assignments, expectations, or deadlines when students lack basic proficiency with these packages. We recommend strongly that students review the Microsoft Office training provided free of charge by the Goodwill Community Foundation (or a comparable resource).