Applied Learning - MS Program

The M.S. Health Informatics and Analytics curriculum includes two substantive applied learning requirements: the internship (midpoint) and the capstone. 


Before entering into an internship for credit, students must have completed a minimum of 12 hours of graduate coursework in the Health Informatics and Analytics program including HADM 6100 and HCIP 6380. Students are directed to the Canvas Health Informatics and Analytics Internship Project Course Site for full details. Students should plan for the internship at least one full semester in advance of commencing it as many internship sites have substantial administrative prerequisites to complete prior to placement. For further details, contact the program director.

For detailed information and further resources, refer to the HIAN Student Resources Page.


Normally taken in the final semester, all students complete this capstone course that engages them in a mentored real world informatics and analytics project.  Students must have completed their internship and secure permission from the Graduate Program Director to register for this course.